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  Outdoor Wood Furnace
Heat your home with an outdoor wood furnace and save a lot monthly on your utility bill. You can heat your house for the whole season for the cost of one month's utility bill. Save $30-60 a month on heating your hot water with the outdoor wood stove too! The best outdoor wood furnace is the Shaver outdoor wood furnace made in Arkansas. They've been building wood furnaces for 34 years!
  California Creating Permanent Renters' Class
California's housing crisis has become an emergency of multi-alarm proportions that has spawned a growing class of renters for whom home ownership may always remain a dream...


  Find The Best Mortgage Rate For You - by Kent Clarke
Most people tend to take out a mortgage, then forget about it. The monthly payments go out from their accounts every month, but they probably couldn't tell you what the interest rate was if you asked! This is slack financial policy - it is easy to make sure you always have the best mortgage rate, and therefore pay the least interest...

  How Long Will It Take To Sell Your Home?
I am often asked how long it will take to sell a home in today's market. Many parts of the country are generally enjoying a seller's market and have been for several years. Apart from the obvious...

  How To Avoid Becoming A Victim of Identity Theft
With identity theft statistics currently at an all time high, and climbing, it just makes sense that we should all be doing everything we can to protect ourselves...

  How to Bake: Bread on the Grill
How to Bake: Bread on the Grill - One of the slickest tricks we know is baking bread on the grill...

  How to Care for Your Silver
How to Care for Your Silver - Silver is beautiful but it can tarnish quickly. This sometimes puts people off collecting it...

  How To Cook Rice Right
How To Cook Rice Right - The easiest way to make rice well every time is to use a rice cooker...

  Tips For First Home Buyers On Getting Home Loans
With all the other questions that tug at first time home buyers, the question of finding their deposit and obtaining the right mortgage are probably the ones that claim the most attention...

  What You May Not Know About Your Mortgage Note - by Frederick Webb
By now, many of you are already somewhat familiar with private mortgage notes and how they are used to help facilitate the sale of a property. You may also know that there is a whole industry out there where note investors are in the market to buy your mortgage note...


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