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Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace

An outdoor wood burning furnace is a wonderful tool to heat your home for pennies.

You can heat it for the whole season, for the cost of one month's utility bill!

You keep the wood, bugs, ashes and trash outside. The outdoor wood burning furnace is next to the wood where it's easy and convenient to load!

You only have to load the wood at most twice a day, instead of every 3-4 hours as with a regular wood stove.

Check out the Shaver Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace

Shaver Furnace is proud to announce that the Shaver Pro Series 165, 250 and 340 models have all been tested and certified to be high efficient; meaning 75% efficient or better and this allows us to offer you a certificate to get the $1500 Federal Tax Credit (or up to 30% of the purchase price including installation)!

This also means that you will use less wood than with most manufacturer's outdoor wood furnaces. Most wood furnaces are only around 65% efficient.

The 290 is being tested now and as all of the models, they are identical in design except for firebox length and water capacity; so it should pass.

We believe that a furnace doesn’t have to be complicated and have every new electronic gizmo on it. Simple is always best.

Why have an electronic valve for the furnace water fill when a simple twist of a lever on the front will do it?

Why have an electronic fan controller costing over $100 when a simple $8 thermostat will do it - and it's available at any hardware store?

Our customers love the simplicity of our furnaces. There aren’t any wires on the outside of the furnace or any fans. We like it that way too.

The big access door in back gives you abundant space to make all of your connections easily.

Firebox size is 34" wide x 27" high x 34" deep. You can put big round logs (cheaper firewood) in this furnace.

We’ve kept it safe, simple and strong! The firebox is 3/8" thick - almost 1/2” thick as compared with others that are as little as .200” thick. We have NEVER had one rust or burn through! 

Our standard firebox is 3/8". 
3/8" is 50% thicker than most of the competition and we have NEVER had a firebox failure!

The SHAVER weighs in at a hefty 1800 lbs which is a testament to the massive amount of metal we put into each furnace.

No Wasted Heat

The firebox is TOTALLY surrounded with water. As is the flue, the ash pan (non-removable) and the front of the furnace. This way we capture all of the heat. Nothing escapes to the outside air without passing through water first.

The flue comes halfway to the firebox floor, stopping the heat from simply escaping up the stack. The heat stays in but the smoke escapes. Simple but ingenious.

Water Capacity—170 gallon tank!

Many manufacturers only use 90-125 gallon tanks! The size is critical when heating a larger home. We can heat a house with a water temperature of just 130 degrees as opposed to 160-180 degrees in another company’s, with a smaller tank. Also, larger tanks also allow faster recovery and heating, plus a reserve.

Don’t believe the stories of getting 300,000 Btu from a 100 gallon tank. The water would have to be heated to 435 degrees! Simply not possible.

The water tank is made from 1/8” thick metal (11 gauge) - 2 times thicker than many others using only 16 gauge. The tank houses the water coil, as well.

Heat Your Home, Garage, Shop and
Hot Water with one furnace.

The Shaver Furnace comes STANDARD with TRIPLE Hookup for heating a Home AND a shop/garage/apartment AND potable Hot Water too! Hot water savings alone can be $30-60/mo.

A 50 foot 5/8" OD Copper REPLACEABLE Potable Water Coil carries hot water, heated by the water reservoir directly to your hot water heater. No separate heat exchanger is needed! That saves you $200.

25 year Warranty on Siding

The exterior is made of Heavy Duty Siding - 26 gauge Galvalume which has a 25 year Warranty

Why buy a Wood Furnace? Save Money!

  • No logs to carry in means no messy ashes and bugs in the house!
  • One of the selling points of an outdoor furnace is the convenience of locating the furnace near the wood fuel source so you don't have to cart wood all around.
  • If you live in a suburban or rural area near a source of cheap wood, you could heat your home for the entire season for the cost of one month's electric heat bill.
  • An outdoor furnace requires less tending.
  • No inside oxygen is used to fuel the heat like other wood or gas burning units.
  • Water heat does not dry up your sinuses and eliminates respiratory problems caused by burning wood indoors,
  • Wood is cheaper than buying it for a fireplace. Instead of 12-18” split wood, you can put 30" pieces in this one and full rounds. That makes buying wood even cheaper.
  • Designed to work with your existing heating system, be it forced air or a boiler. Works excellent with radiant or Hydronic heat!
  • Our furnaces are owner serviceable unlike others with fancy electronic gadgets!

Shaver Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces - when only the Best will do.

Our furnaces have stood the test of time. Many SHAVER Wood Furnaces are still in use today after over 30 years of putting out the heat efficiently and safely.

SHAVER Wood Burning Furnaces are WELL BUILT to save you money by producing heat effectively with a minimum of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort.