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It's automatically updated every day with a NEW Daily How-To.

Just by inserting a few lines of HTML in your page where you want the box to appear you can offer your visitors the Daily EASYHow-To.

It will look exactly as it appears below:


It's A Win/Win Situation

YOU GET Free, automatically updating content for your website each weekday, Monday through Friday. Once you add the HTML code to your page or pages, updates are automatic. You're simply linking to a graphic hosted on our server.

The Daily How-To, in turn, gets more exposure by being featured on your website.

Each "Daily How-To" message is a short one line thought designed to fit within an area no larger than 200 x 135 pixels.

It's easy to set up

Simply add the following lines of code to your web page where you want the "Daily How-To" to appear:
[FrontPage Save Results Component]

(you can select and copy directly from the above text box)

That's it. That's all there is to it!

If you have questions or need assistance with setup please send your request to:

Thank you for participating!



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