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  Decide - by Clyde Dennis
Where do you want to be in a year? In five years? In ten years? Is what youíre doing now -- the way youíre living, your friends, your habits, your focus -- Are all of these things moving you in the direction of your goals? How does it look...

  Find The Best Mortgage Rate For You - by Kent Clarke
Most people tend to take out a mortgage, then forget about it. The monthly payments go out from their accounts every month, but they probably couldn't tell you what the interest rate was if you asked! This is slack financial policy - it is easy to make sure you always have the best mortgage rate, and therefore pay the least interest...

  Finding a Home for Your Internet Enterprise A Point by Point List - by Francisco Aloy
After much Net surfing and looking at all the offers you've decided to take the plunge! You've investigated a good name for your idea. You've decided it's time to start searching for a home for your Internet vision...

  Finding a Reliable Host - by Walter Pfarr
...most hosting companies focus on the higher end corporate market and overlook the fast-growing small office home office (SOHO) sector. It is possible, however, if you clarify needs, gather recommendations, create a list of potential hosts and ask questions....lots of them...

  Five Things Never To Tell Your Mortgage Lender When Facing Foreclosure - by Bobby Johnson
Never discuss your household finances over the phone with the collection department. What you donít know is that you are being qualified and not know it. This is the easiest and fastest way to get a turn down. Request a homeowners assistance package so that you can submit the require information...

  Free Hosting Versus Paid For Your Website - by Brian Beshore
The thing about free hosting and free auto responders is, you will likely have to put up with a lot of advertising (not your own) put there by the host. This is also why I donít believe in banner exchanges. You are working hard enough to get folks to your business, and just getting them there is only part of the work...

  Got Purpose? - by Clyde Dennis
Is your life on purpose? Does just the question stop you in your tracks? Have you been so caught up in the pace of our world that you've not even thought lately about whether or not your life is going in the right direction...

  How to Dress for an Interview
How to Dress for an Interview - The dress code in most organizations is as different as the organization itself, so it is impossible to find an outfit that will work well in all interviews...

  How To Save Money On Your Mortgage by Tom Levine
Obtaining a home loan is arguably the most expensive transaction youíll experience in your lifetime. Therefore, getting the best home at the greatest value is an endeavor worth pursuing. Whether you...

  How-To Avoid Credit Card Late Fees - by Daryl Flagg
Everyone hates late fees and being late will cost you dearly these days. For some credit cards today, if you are late, you will have to shell out as much as $40 each time. This can put a nice sized hole in your pocket really quick...

  Internet & Mortgage Calculations - by Jakob Jelling
Youíve been approved! The words you have always wanted to hear when you filled out the home loan application. It swirls through your mind the opportunities and memories you will cherish in your new...

  Mortgage Prepayment Penalties - Just Say No - by Jakob Jelling
One of the most common terms found in a new home loan is a prepayment penalty. This type of penalty says that if the borrower pays off the loan early, commonly during the first five years of the loan, then the borrower will be responsible for paying an additional amount of money, typically about six months interest on 80% of the mortgage balance. Sub-prime market loans will typically carry prepayment penalties more than standard mortgage loans...

  Online Mortgages in 5 Easy Steps! - by Tom Levine
We're all entitled to the opportunities and benefits of home ownership. But because most of us aren't loaded with cash, we must find banks and lenders to assist us with finance...

  Oprah! How-To Appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show - by Cathy Stucker
Do you dream of being on Oprah Winfrey's television show? Lots of people do. An appearance on Oprah is considered by many to be the pinnacle of success. Authors dream of having bestselling books as a result of an Oprah appearance. Even David Letterman staged a long-running bit on his show where he openly campaigned to be invited on Oprah's show...

  The Zero Down 80 20 Mortgage - by Matthew Allen
This is an excellent loan for those that are lacking the down payment required for other types of mortgages. The 80 20 mortgage is simply two loans for 100% of the purchase price. It is a first mortgage at 80% of the purchase price with a 20% second mortgage...

  To be, or Not to be (Average)? - by Clyde Dennis
When is hate OK? When it's the feeling you have toward average. Let me make this point clearly and without reservation. I hate average...

  Top Ten Lessons Learned in Internet Business - by Shelley Lowery
Since starting my Internet business back in 1997, I have learned many lessons along the way. These lessons have played a major role in my success, and I'd like to share them with you...

  Where Can I Get a Home Loan? Here Are The Top 5 Mortgage Lending - by Syd Johnson
There are hundreds of sources for home loans online and right in your neighborhood. Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Bankers, Government Agencies and Private Sellers all offer different sources of financing for anyone shopping for a mortgage...


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