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  A Pet is Part of the Family - by David the Dogman
A Pet is Part of the Family and has the following rights. We have the right to be full members of your family. We thrive on social interaction, praise, and love...

  Affection - by David the Dogman
Pets are an important part of many families. A recent survey by the American Animal Hospital Association of 1,206 pet owners in the United States and Canada showed that more than 80 percent...

  Alternative Remedies - by David the Dogman
In the early 1930's the noted British physician and scientist, Dr. Edward Bach, discovered that the preparation of 38 flowering plants, trees and special waters alleviated a broad range of emotional and psychological difficulties...

  Barking - How-To train your dog - by David the Dogman
Barking at night The simple answer is to ignore the dog. By barking, it is training you to respond. You might have a few noisy nights but you will be showing it that barking is not productive. Certainly do not respond by shouting or scolding. If you do so the dog will only know that its barking has been productive by making you bark as well...

  Basic First Aid for your Dog - by David the Dogman
A traffic accident is probably the most common cause of serious injury to a cat or dog. Always approach the animal with caution, it may react aggressively because of the pain...

  Before You Buy that Puppy - by David the Dogman
"How much is that doggy in the window, the one with the waggly tail...?" Familiar words to an old tune suggests that many people at one time or another consider having a dog as a pet...

  Buy Dog Supplements Online
Buy Dog Supplements Online - A good nutritional program of dog supplements is just as important for your best pet friend as it is for us...

  Buy Dog Travel Supplies Online
Buy Dog Travel Supplies Online - The shopping part along for dog travel supplies is amusing for sure...

  Dog Clothes
Dog Clothes - Dog clothes have recently become the latest fashion accessory for dogs worldwide....

  Dog Jewelry: Express Your Love For Mans Best Friend
Dog Jewelry: Express Your Love For Mans Best Friend - Dog jewelry is a favorite not only amongst dog lovers, but also amongst those who like to own different kinds of animal jewelry...

  Dog Lover Gifts
Dog Lover Gifts - Whether you are searching for something to say "Happy Birthday" or "Merry Christmas" a dog owner will agree that dog lover gifts are always among those most cherished and appreciated...

  Jumping Up Training Your Dog - by David the Dogman
Teach your dog to sit whenever you ask him to. Sit at the curb when you cross the road. Sit in front of you. Then when he runs at you, or anyone else, if told sit he will sit...

  Special Gifts for Animal Lovers
Special Gifts for Animal Lovers - There are hundreds of gifts for animal lovers, bound to bring a smile to their face...


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