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Think about it

by Clyde Dennis, a.k.a. "Mr. How-To"

I was very fortunate as a young man growing up. I not only had the opportunity to be around an extra ordinary father but my grandfather also went quite a bit past average. As a male child, the positive encouraging guidance of an adult male is certainly among the most important of all of his lifeís influenceís. Of course as a kid I didnít have any appreciation for the abundant character of those doing the influencing. Itís only been since Iíve been in the position of parent that I realize the incredible, if not sometimes overwhelming responsibility and care one must take in the shaping of the minds of our children.

One of the things I came out of my fathers house with the knowledge of is the importance of questions. Again, at the time I was COMPLETELY unable to appreciate his intentions but my dad always asked questions. Hard questions. Son, What are you going to do with the rest of you life? (Well um... dad, since Iím only 2 right now can I think about it a little bit and get back to you?) And he always insisted on getting answers. I learned very early that "I donít know" and the shoulder thing were not answers. It was made clear that if my dad asked me a question that I didnít know the answer to I had to... hold on, here it comes, ...THINK up, and present my best answer. Did you catch that?

The process of answering questions requires one to THINK. Think about it. When you go into your vast resources of knowledge to pull out an answer to a question, especially one that is truly challenging you find yourself thinking about all sorts of things. Thatís why asking questions is so important to the learning process.

I think itís a good idea to be asking yourself questions pretty much constantly. And answering them. It keeps you sharp.

On the way out here, first a question-
If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would and would not matter to you today?

Then a statement Ė

Live Ďas ifí you were going to die tomorrow.

Questions are the answer kids.

Live some. Love some. Learn some. Everyday.


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Clyde Dennis, a.k.a. "Mr. How-To" has been writing and publishing Articles and Newsletters online since 1999. Clyde's company EASYHow-To Publications provides "How-To" information on How-To do, be or have just about anything one can imagine. For more information visit Email correspondence for Clyde should be sent to: cdennis at

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