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Automated Trading Software

How Automated Trading Software works and WHY!


Here is a good example of how a robotic trader works and WHY!

If you had purchased and held Microsoft stock for five years you would have lost $158 - and five years.

In ten years, the share price only rose by $1.51. A total waste of money sitting there for 10 years!

You can see from the chart below, Microsoft had a lot of volatility over a ten-year period.

Because of that same volatility, with an Automated Stock Trading Software program doing the trading, you could have actually made almost $4500.00, instead of losing $158!

Looking at the chart you will have seen a huge number of ups and downs. Who could ever know when it was going up and when it was trending down; and how much it would move either way?

Microsoft 10 Year Chart

An Automated Stock Trading Software program does the whole thing for you; opening. managing and then closing the stock as it moved. An Automated Stock Trading Software program knows when a stock is trending upward, trending down and will either sell it short or sell it long.

If the stock is trending up, the software will wait until you achieve your profit goal and then sell the stock - always at a profit. The software never closes a stock unless you're in profit.

If you have the position long and the stock started dropping, it will simply add shares as it drops, to cost average the stock, resulting in a lower and lower average cost.

If the stock is trending down and doesn't have a position, it will short it and sell it once it starts bouncing back up (indicating that it had reached its low).


How did YOUR stocks do?

This shows that it did 47 trades in the five year period to achieve the $4,494.65 profit shown above.

Note that Microsoft LOST $158 over 5 years by holding it. Not only that, it wasted a lot of your time and you could have been making money elsewhere!!

Ditto for holding it for 10 years; the stock only rose $1.51, so you have only made $151 in TEN years

The software typically chooses stocks that are less expensive but solid, with lots of movement but with tight ranges because this is what creates profit.

With Automated Stock Trading, the more volatility there is; the more you stand to make!

If the software is helping you make money when the stock goes up and helping you make money when the stock is down, what is there to lose?

One person asked, "What if the stock dumped and was adding shares as it went down; then what?

A: Unless a company simply goes totally bust and is out of business and the stock stops trading, there is always money to be made!

Automated Software handles losers when you are wrong! That is one of its greatest strengths!

This Automated Stock Trading Software can handle up to 100 stocks in a long position and up to 100 stocks in a short position and will handle up to $2,000,000 in total liquidity.

Remember the concept; as the stock goes up it takes profit. When the stock goes down, it adds to the position. if you don't have a position already, it will take a short position, because it will see the stock trending down.

Again, the more volatile the market is, the more money you make.

When others are losing money in a volatile market; you are making money!

One day when the Dow lost 68 points one of our traders made $420, while virtually everyone else lost!

Be sure to go to http://www.robotictradingsystems.com/ and put YOUR favorite stock symbol in the box on the bottom right, and click "go", to find out how much YOU would have made on the same stock that you are holding, as opposed to letting an Automated Stock Trading Software program do the trading for you! You are sure to be astonished!

If you have any questions, please visit the company's FAQ section, which is a accompanied by many videos. There are at least 100 videos in the process of being uploaded.

A good Automated Stock Trading Software program has a built-in stealth mode. that is so that if you are trading that you are trading, so that your information is not public. No one else can see what you are doing. No one else can see what you are trying to sell, for what amounts or any other data. Normally there are traders with second-level screens who can see everything that's going on - not with an Automated Stock Trading Software program in stealth mode!

Quite a few people have asked how much you need to have on hand to invest. The answer was that they have plenty of people with just $5000, trading $1-$2 stocks with the built-in "two dollar and under" strategy. He said that typically you want $5-$10,000.

If you were to trade another built-in strategy, such as the Dow 30 long, you would need much more money so that you wouldn't have to wait for the market to recover, in order to start training again. Of course you have both aggressive and conservative trading options and strategies, all built-in and included.

This compamy has a strategy department to help you decide what strategy to trade with. The only recommended strategies to trade in simulated mode and then you can decide if that is for you, before you put real money in.

They are going to have videos that correspond to the different strategies to help you make that decision, as well.

By the way, you can choose TD Ameritrade and get it at half price. If you sign up through the opening screen, you can select TD Ameritrade and get a deal that even folks walking in with $2,000,000 in their bank for broker account, can't get!

It is a very good idea to get on the Saturday webinar calls. You to see exactly what they are talking about on your computer screen and hear the audio at the same time.

Everyone who has the software installed, would be wise to call their toll-free number and speak to one of the specialists there. The toll-free number is 888-762-6620. There is a team of professionals there that are willing and eager to help you. They will check out your installation and all of your settings and make sure everything is perfect!

They are more than willing and capable to answer any and all questions you may have! Read MORE at http://automatedtradingsoftware.us/

Please purchase the software; only $3500 at https://cooltraderpro.com/beatthestreet.asp, click on signup...

Best regards,


P.S. You will notice that in the strategies section they show strategies without a stop loss. Ed Barsano explains that this should really be called "stop profit" and advises against it.

See attached screenshot, for reference.

P.S. . Take a look at the attached screenshots of the profit reports, as well. You will see that each and every day there is profit to be made except one day when it was zero. I do not see any losses in this list and the final page shows the total profit in just a one month; Trading only one stock; Bank of America.

CoolTraderPro Strategies Software Screen Shot

Screenshot of the software in action

Note that while the Dow has lost 68 points the profit and loss for the day is $420 profit'

Cool Trader Pro Software Screenshot